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Monday, 28 September 2015

Avataras of Lord Vishnu - Kurma - Part 2

After listening to Lord Vishnu , the devas were filled with energy and hope. Indra along with Agni went to devaloka and knocked on the door and requested entry and permission to meet King Bali. Seeing them un armed, the asuras wanted to kill them, Indra started shouting "O King of asuras, please hear us out before you decide to kill us. We have come to you with the proposal of extracting Amrita from the depth of the oceans. Please hear us out". Bali stopped the ministers and asked Indra to continue. Indra explained his plan for extracting Amrita from the ocean. He requested the Asuras too help them.

Bali could not believe his ears. He said "Amrita, you really mean the Amrita, drinking which a person becomes immortal and becomes too powerful.. unbelievable!!!". Okay if I believe you, why do you need our help? we are your mortal enemies. How do you propose to do it?".

Indra laid out his plan and said "Oh Asura, we cannot do it ourself, neither can you guys do it alone. we need the help of mount mandara and vasuki". One of the Asura warriors interrupted "Ha ha ha you are the powerless devas.. we do not need your help, we can retrieve Amrita ourselves. ". Bali lifted his hand and the asura became silent. Bali pondered on whether to believe Indra, then thought "It really does not matter, if they do not share, we can defeat them easily and drink Amrita.". He tells Indra "Oh Indra, we are fine. we will work with you to get the Amrita"

Indra was happy that the first part of the plan went successfully. He then went to sarpaloka to meet Vasuki the king of snakes. Indra saluted vasuki and said "Oh king of snakes, the devas and asuras are planning to churn the ocean to get amrita, we need a rope, if you agree to help us, we will  share the Amrita with you."

Vasuki gave his consent and agreed to become the rope. The last part of the plan was to get mount Mandara as the churning tool. On the designated day, the devas and asuras went to Mount Mandara. They offered prayers to Mount Mandara and the earth. They started breaking the base of the mountain. With every Asura and deva involved due to the size of the mountain it was a very slow job. After days of effort, the mountain was free. All the devas and asuras were happy and looking forward to churn the ocean.

The devas tried lifting the mountain, but alas could not even move it an inch. The asuras laughed at the devas and tried lifting it, but in vain. Then all the asuras and devas joined hands to lift. They carried the mountain a few feet and could not carry the weight. The Mount Mandara fell on them and crushed, injuring and killing quite a few devas and asuras.

When Indra saw his brothers getting killed, he cursed his stupidity in disrespecting the Sage Dhurvasa. The devas started praying Lord Vishnu. Suddenly he felt his heart growing lighter the breeze smelled sweeter. The day looked brighter. He knew what was happening, he turned around to see Lord Vishnu smiling at him. The great Lord lifted Mount Mandara in one hand and placed it on Garuda. And we all know by now that Garuda can carry tremendous weight without any effort. Vishu waved his hands at the devas and asuras who were crushed under Mount Mandara. All the devas and asuras woke up as if they had been asleep. The devas saw Lord Vishnu and Garuda carrying mount mandara and sang the Lord's praises. The asuras seeing this started walking towards the ocean muttering to themselves. Bali walked up to Vishnu and thanked him for saving his family.

Vishnu sat on Garuda and took the Mountain to the ocean and placed it on the bank and vanished. The devas and asuras then dragged the mountain into the sea. Vasuki came and wrapped himself around the mountain. Indra suddenly remembered Vishnu's voice in his head asking him to take the tail. He immediately ran to the head of vasuki and said loudly "Oh Asuras, you take the tail, we will take the head". The Asuras got very angry when the heard this, they came and chased the devas to the tail of Vasuki. Agni and other devas smirked at this and went and held the tail of Vasuki.

The devas and asuras prayed the ocean god and dropped medicianl herbs and flowers into the ocean. The churning began, as there was no support to mount mandara, it started slipping down inside the huge ocean. dragging vasuki, the devas and asuras with it. Both the Asuras and Devas were frustrated. Agni sat down dejectedly, he said aloud "Oh Indra, coming this close and failing is not correct. but what do we do now". Indra saw the smiling face of Lord Vishnu in his head. He knew what he should do, he started praying to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu immediately on hearing came down from vaikunta in the form of a gaint tortoise. This is his second avatar - Kurma Avatar. He plunged into the ocean and went and sat with Mandara on his back.

Lord Vishnu came in the form a giant tortoise [his second avatar – Kurma Avatar] and plunged into the ocean. He went under the ocean and picked the submerged Mount Mandara and put it on his back. The Mountain now stood firmly on the tortoise's back, inside the ocean and the devas and asuras began churning.


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