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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Avataras of Lord Vishnu - Kurma - Part 3

Now we have the Mount Mandara on Vishnu's back with Vasuki coiled around him, the devas with the tail and asuras with head started churning the ocean.  Do you remember in the last part we saw the asuras pushing the devas to the tail of vasuki and they holding the head. When they started pulling on Vasuki he started spitting out smoke.

The smoke was soo powerful that it started burning the asuras holding the head very badly. Indra suddenly realised the warning of Vishnu. Bali saw this and realised Indra had tricked them. But he could not do anything as they had decided to hold the head of vasuki while churning the ocean.

They continued churning for hours together. Halahal - the ultimate poison was the first thing that came out of the ocean. It spread on top of mount mandara like a mushroom head. It started growing the if the cloud of poisin was not stopped it threatened to finish off the whole world. Indra fell on his feet and prayed Lord Shiva "Oh Lord Shiva, help us, please save us from this destruction". The Asuras and devas had stopped churning the ocean and were coughing and crying due to the sting of the posion.

Shiva heard the prayers and immediately came to their rescue. He saw the building cloud of halahal and realised he had to act quickly before it destroyed the universe. He sucked the halahal into his palm and swallowed it in one gulp even when he realised that the poison could kill him. Parvati who was standing next to Shiva, screamed Nooooo, she quickly held Shiva's throat with her Palm. Jaganmate Parvathi stopped the poison at Shivas throat. The Poison was soo powerful that it turned Shiva's throat Blue. Since that day Shiva is called Neelakantha.

The devas and asuras thanked Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Then they continued to churn the ocean. The ocean started throwing up things from its centre. These were distributed among devas, asuras and Lord Vishnu.

First came Chandra, the moon. As Lord Shiva had saved the devas and asuras by drinking Halahal, the asuras and devas gifted it to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva wore Chandra as his hair Ornament.
Parijata - This is a celestial tree which gives never fading blooms with divine scent. Indra took this to devaloka.
Apsaras beautiful nymphs - Rambe, urvashi, Menaka emerged from the ocean and they choose the devas as their consorts
Varuni or Sura - the goddess of wine was taken by Asuras.
Airavata and all the elephants was taken by Devas
Uchhaishravas, the divine 7-headed horse – given to the demons.
Kamadhenu the divine cow which would grant all you ask was taken by Vishnu, and given to sages so ghee from her milk could be used in sacrifices.
Kaustubha, the most valuable jewel in the world, worn by lord Vishnu.
Sharanga, A powerful bow – symbolic of the demon’s belligerence.

Then Came Goddess Lakshmi. She was so beautiful that the asuras and devas stopped churning and sat staring at her. In order to gain her attention they produced a chair, a few devas got fans and started plying them. The asuras got fruits and drinks for her. The apsaras danced for her. In those days a swyamwara was held for any woman who anted to marry. A garland was handed to the lady and she could choose her husband.

A beautiful garland was handed to Goddess Lakshmi. All the devas and asuras stood in front of her and prayed that he would be the lucky person who would marry her. The goddess searched each face and moved on, finally her eyes settled on Lord Vishnu. She walks up to him and puts the garland around his neck. She is the goddess of wealth and he the god of preservation. The devas sensed that goddess Lakshmi was the incarnation of Jaganmathe and she became the wife of Lord Vishnu's wife - his centre of power and strength.

Like this Lord Vishnu and Godddess Lakshmi were married in the middle of Samudra Manthana.


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