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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ganesha and Kubera

Have you heard of Kubera? In Hindu Mythology Kubera is he King of wealth. Once upon a time he was also very proud of his wealth, he used to throw lavish feasts and invite all the gods to come to his house and see his palace and the its grandeur.

Kubera's house is in Himalayas. Now you know who his neighbours were. Yes, it was Lord Shiva and his family living on Kailash Parvat. All the devas would attend Kubera's feast except his neighbours. Every time Kubera sent out an invite, Lord Shiva politely used to decline it. Kubera had seen the simple living of Shiva's family and wanted to show off his wealth to Lord Shiva.

One fine day he comes up with a plan to invite Lord Shiva and decides to throws a feast in honour of Lord Shiva and personally goes to invite him to his house. When he comes to Kailash Parvat, he sees the simple surroundings and smirks with pride, and thinks "O look how Lord Shiva and his family are living, I have a lavish palace and here Lord Shiva is living in open land".

He sees Lord Shiva and Parvathi sitting and talking, he bows to them and invites them to his party and tells Shiva, "Hey Lord, I am throwing this party in your honour, so you need to come and grace my home". Lord Shiva and Parvati look at each other and realise why Kubera is personally inviting them, they realised that Kubera wants to invite them to show off his wealth.

Lord Shiva then tells Kubera he cannot come as he is very busy and asks him to invite Parvathti. When Kubera invites Parvathi, she politely declines the invite saying "Kubera, I am busy plucking flowers for Puja this evening, so I will not be able to come".

In desperation Kubera begs them to change their mind as the feast is in their honour. Shiva thinks for a minute and tells Kubera, "Kubera, I will do one thing, let my son Ganesha come home, I will send him to your feast as he loves eating at feasts". Kubera got very excited without realising he has walked into a trap!

He runs back home and asks his servants to make more exotic food, get loads of sweets, stack full of fruits. In the evening, just before the feast begins he sees Ganesha running towards his house at full speed. Kubera rushed to meet him at the gate, invited him to come with him to see the pond in front of the house with a beautiful fountain and started expounding the beauty of the stones used in making the fountain..

Ganesha stops him and says, "Lord Kubera, pardon me.. I finished playing with my friends and went home, my mom told me to come here as you are organising a feast, I am super hungry, feed me first and I will come with you to see your fountains, stones and other things".

Kubera was a little disappointed, then he thought "Aha, let me look at this as a opportunity, I will impress this boy with the lavishness of the food". He immediately clapped his hands and called his servants and told them "Lord Ganesha is having food with us, serve immediately".

Ganesha sat down to eat food. The servants brought a huge plate filled with various delicacies, Ganesha extended his truck and sucked all the food one after the other and ate it off in flat 1 min and asked Kubera for more food. The servants ran and brought another plate, Ganesha ate in 50 seconds flat!! and asked Kubera for more food, the servants ran and got more, Ganesha ate it before Kubera could even blink. This continued till all the food that was cooked was eaten.

Ganesha bellowed, "I am still hungry get me more!!".. Kubera was a little scared, he told his servants to get everything from the kitchen. The servants dumped every thing they found in the kitchen infront of Ganesha. Ganesha ate everything and said "Kubera you promised my mother you will feed me.. I am still hungry. Feed me Feed me". If you do not, then I will eat you.".

Kubera got scared and started running, with Ganesha chasing him at top speed screaming "I am hungry". He ran straight to Kailash and fell on Shiva's feet and asked to be saved. He cried "God! save me from Ganesha.. Please.. ". Shiva smiled and asked Kubera "Oh! Kubera what happened, couldn't you feed this small child? ". Kubera realised his mistake and tells Shiva "Oh! Lord. I am soo sorry. I have learnt my lesson, I will never be proud of my wealth...Please...' Kubera looked back to see if Ganesha was still behind him...'Please save me from Ganesha!'.

Shiva smiles and calls Parvathi and asks her to feed Ganesha. Parvathi plucks a fruit from a tree and gives it to Ganesha. Ganesha eats the food and lets out a big belch! and tells "Thank you, I am happy now" and runs to play with his friends.

Kubera sees this and ask Parvathi, "Ma Parvathi, I gave him a lunch fit for hundreds of people and he is still hungry! And you gave him a small fruit and he was satisfied, How is this possible?'

Parvathi smiles and tells, "Kubera, that is how he is, You gave Ganesha a feast with pride, to show-off your money, which will never satisfy him. If you give Ganesha anything with a clean mind and pure heart, whatever you give him will satisfy him".

Kubera let go of his pride and became a big devotee for Lord Ganesha.

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