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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Story of Arunasura

Once upon a time there was a Asura called Arunasura. He was one of the minister's of Shumbha and Nishumbha who fled from the field when Goddess Durga killed them in the battle. He went into hiding and once the battle was over, he came from his hiding place and sees that the Asura Kingdom has fallen and is without any leader.

He proclaims himself the king of Asuras and starts ruling the paatal loka. When he sees the gods are enjoying themself in heaven he becomes very angry and decides to take revenge on the devas for killing Shumbha and Nishumbha.

He goes to the Rakshaha guru Shukracharya and tells him "Oh! gurudeva, please tell me how do I get revenge for all the Asuras who have been killed by Deva's"? Shukracharya tells him, he needs to get more powerful if he has to defeat the devas. He advices him to pray Lord Bramha and get a boon of immortality.

Arunasura goes to Himalayas and starts his meditation. He spends years meditating without eating food and drinking water, standing on one leg. Lord Bramha finally appears and asks him to seek a boon. Arunasura tells Brahma that he wants immortality. Brahma says "everyone who is born on earth has to die one day, I cannot give you immortality, please ask something else".

Arunasura thinks for a while and asks Brahma for a boon where he should not be defeated / killed by devas, asuras, yaksha, gandarvas, kinnaras or any other 2 or 4 legged creatures. Brahma grants the boon and disappears. Goddess saraswathi also teaches him the "Gayatri Mantra" and asks him to chant it every day. This makes Arunasura very poerful. Arunasura now starts tormenting the sages and human beings, then he attacks deva loka. Indra seeing his men being crushed by the Asura flees from deva loka.

Indra with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva approach Goddess Adishakthi and beg gher to save them from Arunasura. Goddess climbs on her vehicle and goes to the battle field to kill Arunasura. After fighting for days together Devi still could not kill Arunasura, then she realises the Gayatri mantra that he chants has formed a protective cover around him. She retreats from the battle field.

She calls Indra and tells him that till Arunasura is chanting Gayatri Mantra she will not be able to kill him. Hearing this NArada who loves to fix issues like this goes to Arunasura and praises him " O Arunasura, how powerful are you, how brave are you, you made Goddess Durga run from the battle field, you should be the crowned king of heaven " etc etc. Finally he says "I do not understand one thing, when you yourself can now be called as god why do you still chant mantras of other gods". Arunasura listening to this, decides to stop chanting Gaytri Mantra.

As soon as he does this, Goddess Durga invites him to fight. Arunasura attacks her with all his might and Devi gets angrier and angrier, as she now knows about the boon to Arunasura, she changes herself into a huge Bee (which is six legged) and attacks him with her sting repeatedly till she kills him. As soon as the Asura is dead, the devas lead by Sage Jabali pray to goddess Durga to return to her "Sowmya roopa" and worship her with Tender coconut brought from Kalpavriksha in deva loka.

Devi remembers her promise to Nandini, and the huge bee jumps into River Nandini and out emerges the soumya roopa of devi. As only half of Devi emerge from the river the place is called Kati + ela (earth) i.e Kateel.

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