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Monday, 21 September 2015

Story of River Nandini

Story of River Nandini

Nandini is the beautiful river which flows around Kateel. The story of how Nandini the daughter of Kamadhenu came down to earth as a river is as follows:

Once upon a time there was a Rakshasha by the name Arunasura. He was a huge Asura and was known for
his cruelty towards humans and sages. Every time he heard of a sage performing any offering to any
God or performing any yaga he would send his Asura soldiers to kill and eat the sages.

Even the gods like Indra, Agni, Vayu varuna were scared of this Asura, as they were not getting any
offerings from the sages, the gods became weak and there a huge famine on earth. There was no rain,
no food, no water. And the people on the earth were suffering.

Sage Jabali, could not see this and decided to perform a huge yagna in secret. As there was nothing
available to give as offerings, he went to Indra and asked him to send Kamadhenu with him. Now
digressing a little - Do you know who is Kamadhenu? She is the sacred cow who will give you anything
you ask. I will tell you where she came from in another story :)

Where were we, aha yes, Jabali goes to Indra and asks Indra to send Kamadhenu with him. Kamadhenu
would have gone to Varuna loka so Indra instead asks Jabali to take her daughter Nandini with him to
assist in the yagna.

When Jabali requests Nandini to join him, Nandini gets very angry and starts abusing humans and
earth and makes fun of Jabali's efforts. She also refuses to accompany him to save the earth. Jabali hearing this got very angry and cursed Nandini "Hey Nandini, you are soo proud of yourself, and you made fun of humans.. Now I curse you to serve the same humans by flowing as a river on earth and you will never return to heaven"

Nandini immediately fell on Jabali's feet and prayed for forgiveness. Jabali being the kind sage feels sorry for her and tells her to pray Godess Adishakthi to get out of the curse. Nandini prayed to Adhishakthi. Seeing her deep meditation and her change of heart towards humans Adishakti appears in front of Nandini and tells her - "Dear daughter do not worry, I cannot reverse the curse of sage Jabali, but I can show you the way to return to heaven. You have to go down to earth and flow as a river I will take birth as your daughter and purify you".

On listening to this, Nandini jumped to earth as a river and started flowing from westren ghats. We will know more about Arunasura in another story :)

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