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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Avataras of Lord Vishnu - Kurma Part 4

After Lord Vishnu married Goddess Lakshmi, the asuras and devas continued to churn the ocean. This continued for many days, the ocean threw up many precious stones and rare jewels but there was no sign of Amrutha. The Devas were getting tired by this time and went to Indra to complain about this and said "Oh! Indra we cannot do this anymore, we are tired, we do not have any strength left in us". Indra remembered the words of Lord Vishnu and encouraged the devas to try once more.

When the asuras were about to give up out came Dhanvantri, who became the physician of devas with the pot of Amritha. The asuras left the head of vasuki and ran to Dhanvantri. The gave a roar and grabbed the port from him. The devas were tired, Indra struggled up to Bali and said "Oh King, this is not fair, we both worked hard for Amritha. We should get out share". Bali pushed Indra aside and Indra fell down. He laughed at Indra and said "Are you mad? you are our arch enemy why would we share out Amritha with you?" HE called to his supporters and asked them to sit down so that he can distribute the Amritha.

Indra was feeling very weak, he cried "Oh! Vishnu, Please help. If Asuras have the Amritha then all of us will be killed. you are our saviour.. please come and protect us"

Suddenly there was pin drop silence, Indra opened his eyes and looked up. He saw a beautiful women standing before him. He had seen beautiful women before, but this lady was unbelievable. He could not take his eyes off her. The lady gave Indra a smile and started walking towards the asuras. The asuras saw her and were captivated by her beauty. Bali approached her with Amritha in his hand and asked her "Oh my beautiful lady, who are you?". She turned towards Bali and smiled. The smile stopped Bali in his tracks, the smile made him forget everything. The lady opened her mouth and said in a melodious voice - "I am Mohini". She smiled again and asked Bali "who are you?". Bali got this urge to show off infront of her, so he said "Oh Mohini, I am the might Bali, king of asuras. we have just defeated the devas and have got our hands on the precious Amritha." saying this he waved the pot of amritha at her. He said "do you want to join us?"

Mohini laughed melodiously and said "Oh! no O king, I do not need it, let me help you in distributing it to your people". Bali handed over the pot of Amritha to her without a word. Mohini looked at the devas and said, "Oh who are these people?". Bali looked a the devas with contempt and told Mohini "Do not worry about them my beautiful, they are not worth your notice" and went on to narrate what devas were doing here.

Mohini shook her head and said "Oh king, this is not right. If you are in this together atleast let them sit with you while I distribute this". Bali did not like what he was hearing but one look at Mohini's face made him think again. He looked at the asuras, they were staring at Mohini without blinking their eyes. So he told "If that is what you want my beautiful ,then it is what we will do". Mohini told the asuras to sit in one line and made the devas sit in front of them. She started serving the devas amritha first smiling sweetly at the asuras. Her smile was so mesmerising that the asuras did not realise that she was not serving Amritha to them.

But 2 asuras - Rahu and Ketu realised something fishy was going on. they saw Mohini serving Amritha only to the devas and not serving any to asuras, they ran quickly over to the devas line and sat next to surya and chandra. Mohini did not realise they were asuras and served them Amritha.  Surya and Chandra saw this and shouted "Stop! they are not devas". Rahu and ketu had already drank the Amritha, Mohini lifted her hand and there was Sudharshana chakra. She threw it at Rahu and Ketu preventing them from swallowing the nectar. Devas gulped down the Amritha when they saw it was Lord Vishnu who once again saved them in the form of Mohini.

Once the devas drank Amritha, they could feel the energy and vigour returning. Amritha overcame the effects of Sage Dhurvasa's curse. They realised they are immortal. Bali realised he was bewitched by Mohini, pounced on the devas. The devas filled with vigour trounced the asuras and chased them away.

As Rahu and Ketu had taken Amritha, their heads became immortal. It is believed, that Rahu and Ketu attack the Sun and Moon as they told Mohini that they were asuras, this causes the solar and lunar eclipses

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