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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Avataras of Lord Vishnu – Varaha Part 1

We have completed the stories of Matysa and Kurma Avataras of Lord Vishnu, now we come to Varaha avatara. This is the third avatara of Lord Vishnu. In order to tell you about the Varaha avatar I need to take you back to the beginning and start with the story of Jaya and Vijaya.

Do you know who are Jaya and Vijaya? No.. ok let me tell you.. They are the door keepers of Vaikunta, the home of Lord Vishnu. Vaikunta has 7 doors and the door keepers stand at the outer most door guarding it. They loved Lord Vishnu and felt honoured that they have this great job of guarding the Lord’s house. The job of screening the visitors who came to see Lord Vishnu fell on the door keeper’s and they took their job very seriously. Looking at the number of visitors coming to see the Lord, Jaya one day told Vijaya “O, Jaya.. this is not fair.. look at the number of people still waiting to see the Lord! Lord Vishnu has not had a single minute to rest today” and they used to feel bad as this used to happen every day.

One morning, Lord Vishnu was resting with goddess Lakshmi, Jaya and Vijaya saw 4 children (muni Kumaras) come towards Vaikunta. Jaya told Vijaya, “O Vijaya, look here come 4 children, our Lord is resting inside, what work could these children have with our Lord! “. Vijaya said “Children… yes they are 4 children, this is a very rare sight at Vaikunta… I have no idea what these children might want with our Lord.. as our beloved lord is resting we should not allow these children inside and wake up the lord. Let us send the children away and ask them to come some other time to visit the Lord”.

The Children approached the door and the youngest one said “Oh! Guards, we are here to see Lord Viishnu, please open the doors and let us go inside”.

Vijaya looked at the kids and said, “Go away!! Lord Vishnu is resting. He has had a very busy day yesterday. He needs his rest, his time is very precious, he cannot be bothered by children.. go and play somewhere else”

The eldest of the muni kumara’s spluttered in anger “CHILDREN!!! Whom are you calling children.. don’t you know who we are!!”

Jaya and Vijaya thought that these might be devas or rishis in disguise, trying to play a prank on them.. Jaya addressed the muni Kumaras and said “Please do not be angry.. we meant no disrespect, Lord is resting and as his dwarapalakas we cannot allow you inside.. please go and come back some other time”.

The muni kumaras became very angry when they heard this, the eldest child looked at the guards venomously and said “Oh! Jaya and Vijaya, you have become arrogant because you are guarding the sacred place, the house of Lord Vishnu. Do you atleast know who we are? I am Sanaka, these are Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara..”

Jaya suddenly reaslised that he is looking at the four Kumaras. The sons of Lord Brahma.. He got very scared and kneeled before the 4 Muni Kumaras and said “O kumaras, please forgive our ignorance, We apologise for our behavior. Please forgive us, we were unable to recognize you.. and committed this grave sin of stopping you from entering into Vaikunta..”

However the four Kumaras were not appeased,and said “My brother was correct, you closed the door of Vaikunta and prevented the Lord’s devotes from meeting him. When the Lord is always available to us, who are you to stop us from seeing him..You were insolent and so proud!! You need to be taught a lesson for your rudeness…”

Jaya and Vijaya looked terrified and fell on the feet of the Kumaras and begged for mercy. The Kumaras cursed Jaya and Vijaya saying “You will not be gods anymore, so you will not be able to stay here and guard the gates of Vaikunta, you will be born as human mortals for eternity”

Meanwhile Vishnu heard the raised voices coming from the gates and walked out to see what is happening, he saw the 4 Kumaras, the sons of Lord Brahma and also saw Jaya and Vijaya begging for mercy. He came to the gates just in time to hear the curse.

Jaya and Vijaya were dumbstruck at the turn of events.. silent tears streaked down their faces. When they saw Lord Vishnu at the gates, they ran to him and fell on his feet and cried “O Lord Vishnu.. save us…”. They were so terrified they could speak. Lord Vishnu raised them and said “Jaya, Vijaya.. get up. I know what has happened. There is no need to explain anything. I saw what happened here”

He then turned towards the Kumaras and smiled at them and said “O Kumaras, sons of Lord Brahma, please come in”. The Kumaras bowed to Lord Vishnu and said “O Lord, we wanted to visit you and your gaterkeepers were rude enough to prevent us.. your devotees from visiting you!”

Lord Vishnu looked at the Kumaras and then at his gatekeepers and said “Oh Kumaras, please forgive Jaya and Vijaya, they thought I was tired and wanted me to rest.”. But the Kumaras, were not in forgiving mood, they told Vishnu “Oh Lord, we were insulted.. Jaya and Vijaya need to be thought a lesson for being insolent, so the curse stands” saying this they walked away from Vaikunta.

(image courtesy: The Indian Mythology)

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